Crispy Jicama Chips

Crispy jicama chips make are a great light and tasty alternative to potato chips and they’re low-carb! Read on to see how (after a few tries!) I made them.

I was in Safeway this weekend and came across these veggie chips in the bulk food section…photo 1(25)Yummy, right?!? They are much like Terra chips only a bit thicker and it had different veggies like green beans and carrots. Sounds weird, I know. I’m not gonna lie, I was scared to try the beans, but they were really good! I found out the brand is Open Nature. The ingredients are: Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Taro, Carrots, Green Beans, Canola and/or Palm Fruit Oil, Fructose, Sea Salt. Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, egg and soy. Made without artificial flavors or preservatives. They have 130 calories per 28g serving (about 15 pieces), 22g Carbs, 4g Fat, 1g Protein, 125mg Sodium, 4g Sugar. All in all, not too bad if you’re craving something salty but they could have left out the fructose and although they are vacuum fried, they are still fried – in canola oil.

So why am I going on about these chips?? I have a point, I promise. It got me thinking, could I make something similar without being fried and without a fancy appliance such as a food dehydrator? The answer is “yes!” – after a bit of trial and error.

Crispy Jicama Chips! When that potato chip craving hits try these and reduce calories, carbs & fat.I’ve been meaning to try jicama chips but had put it off because there was no way I was turning my oven on in this heat, but folks, I sweated it out just for you and baked up a few batches. The concept seemed pretty simple, slice thin, season and bake for 25-30 minutes.

The first batch went in, I set the timer for 25 minutes, walked away and began typing this post. Then, that familiar smell – something was burning. I walked back into my kitchen and there was a nice pile of smoke coming from the oven. With 4 minutes still left on the timer, I ended up with this…jicama chipsLesson learned. 25 minutes is too long for my oven! To be honest though, they weren’t too bad! Even the burnt ones, but I’m weird like that.

This time I did not spray them with olive oil spray and they did not crisp up as quickly so I was able to put them in for 23 minutes. Moral of the story, do not use olive oil or spray and keep an eye on them at about 18 minutes. Every oven is different so yours may cook as long as 25-30 minutes or as little as 20 minutes.jicama chips

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