Wellness means the continued growth of balance in the seven dimensions of wellness. Wellness does not only mean physical wellness; it involves many things like physical, mental, etc. Spiritual well-being is also included.

But usually, wellness is seen in seven dimensions: the contribution of our sense of health and our life quality—neglecting either one of the seven leads to the adverse effect of overall growth.

Physical dimension

Physical wellness comprises various health behaviors, including proper nutrition, regular exercise, staying away from drugs, and other harmful habits. It means regular medical checkups and knowing the symptoms, also protecting yourself from injuries. These things let you have a great life, enjoyment, and quality of these years will be immense.

Emotional dimension

Emotional wellness is a dimension that frequently changes if any addition is made with your other six sizes. Being well is defined as expressing and feeling emotions such as sadness, happiness, and anger. It can control the mind as it can love and be loved with achieving fulfillment in life. This comprises self-esteem, self-acceptance, optimism, and the quality to share feelings.

Intellectual dimension

The intellectual dimension encourages the creativity of mental activities. People with intellectual wellness in high levels can continuously learn and also have an active mind. An intelligent person uses the resources available to increase his knowledge and also improves his skills.

Intellectual dimension

Social dimension

The interactive behavior in our global community refers to the social dimensions to live up to an individual’s demands and expectations. Learning commutation skills and a network between your friends and family is a social dimension.

Showing respect to the other and yourself to the world’s sense of belonging builds a sense of belonging.

Spiritual dimensions

Spiritual dimensions mean the set of guiding beliefs, valuable thoughts, principles to follow, etc. The high level of hope and the commitments to the ideas provides a sense of purpose and meaning of life.

Environmental wellness

The awareness of the unstable state of the environment and the effects of daily activities on the physical environment is called environment wellness. It maximizes harmony and minimizes harm to the environment. It involves participating in certain activities or projects that promote the well-being of the Earth.

Occupational dimension

Preparing and making use of the skills and talent to gain more happiness and the purpose of living in your life is called the occupational dimension. It means successfully participating in the commitment of the occupation, which is satisfying and also rewarding.

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