How to Make the Perfect Lettuce Wrap Sandwich

Less mess, less fuss, I’ve got the trick to making the perfect lettuce wrap sandwich!

Since giving up bread and wraps, I’ve had to become quite creative when it comes building the perfect sandwich.  Lettuce wraps are keto, paleo, and low-carb.  They’re the perfect way to get in your veggies without all the heavy carbs, but every time I’ve tried to make them it just seems to fall apart into a giant mess.

Until now.

I finally figured out the trick to the perfect lettuce wrap sandwich. 

First, you must have the right lettuce.  Iceberg works best and has the best crunch, but I also like butter leaf.  Collard greens and Swiss Chard also work well.  Romaine or any other thick stemmed lettuce does not work well because it will tear.

Next, you need to layer about 6-8 big, full pieces of lettuce on top of each other about 9 inches around.

Then, you need the help of parchment paper to wrap it up tight!  The parchment paper also helps keep it all neatly wrapped while you eat it.

So, let’s gather your favourite sandwich ingredients and get wrapping.

How to make the perfect lettuce wrap

The Perfect Lettuce Wrap Sandwich
Serves 1
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  1. 6-8 pieces of Iceberg or Butter Leaf Lettuce
  2. Your favourite spread, like mayo, mustard or hummus
  3. Protein: chicken, sliced ham, bacon or beef
  4. Veggies: cucumber, tomato, peppers, sprouts
  5. Sliced avocado
  1. Lay a sheet of parchment paper down, a least 10 inches square.
  2. Layer the lettuce on top of each other to measure about 9" around.
  3. Spread your favourite condiment on the lettuce.
  4. Add your protein and veggies.
  5. Using parchment paper as a guide, roll the lettuce as tightly as you can starting with the end closest to you.
  6. As you roll, tuck the ends in towards the middle.
  7. Continue rolling tightly and use the parchment paper to guide you.
  8. Once it is completely wrapped, slice in half using a sharp knife.
  9. Leave the lettuce wrap in the parchment paper and peel away as you eat it.
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  • Sandi May 31, 2018 at 9:48 am

    Brilliant!! Thank you!!


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