Race Recap: My First 10 km

Last week I mentioned that I had entered my first 10km race.  As promised, I wanted to share my results and how it went down from start to finish….line!  My initial goal was to finish in 55 minutes, but after a few test runs I realized 57 would be more realistic. How’d I do? Read on to find out…

I woke up early on Sunday feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep (going to bed early with Netflix on a Saturday night pays off!) For breakfast, I stuck to my favourite pre-run meal: two slices of Ezikiel bread toasted with peanut butter and coconut butter (the best combo ever!) and a handful of strawberries.

Next, I made sure I had everything ready to go: water mixed with Vega Sport Energizer (I swear by this stuff!), phone, headphones, Mio Alpha heart rate monitor, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, change of clothes and post-race snack.Fun Run 10km.4 Fun Run 10km.3My husband and I made the short drive to Gyro Park and got there about 40 minutes before the 9:00am start time.  As soon as I arrived I could feel the energy.  Trail is a small town and this fun run is part of our annual Silver City Days.  It’s a small race, about 300 people but it is very well organized by an amazing group of volunteers.  It consisted of a 5km walk/run and 10km run.  There was quite a mix of people from young to old to families with strollers.

I pre-registered so jumped in the line and picked up my number.  I had time to stretch and do a little jog to get the blood moving.  It was a gorgeous day. It started out cool but I knew it was going to be hot after we got around the shaded mountain side.  They were calling for +25°C that day.Fun Run 10km.9After a quick pee break it was time to line up. Since it’s a small race, there is no corral, everyone just finds a spot.  I was a few rows back as I knew I wasn’t going to be at the head of the pack.  I got my music started and RunKeeper app ready and synced to my Mio Alpha heart rate monitor so all I had to do was press the button (or so I thought).Fun Run 10km“Bang” goes the gun and we’re off!Fun Run 10km.2It only took the first kilometer before people started spreading out.  That’s when I noticed I didn’t get my update from RunKeeper through my headphones.  I didn’t press the button! OK. Frustration sets in. I rely on the app to give me updates and coaching throughout my runs.  I find it really motivates me and now I was going on without it.  Yes, I could have stopped and taken my phone out of my arm strap and fiddled with it and got it started.  But I didn’t want to stop, I didn’t want to slow down.  I did have my Mio Alpha which keeps my pace but it’s in miles and I wasn’t sure of the conversion.  So I went forth blindly, although I did end up checking my watch every kilometer and doing the math in my head.Fun Run 10km.6

Can't beat this view!

Can’t beat this view!

My pace was going pretty good.  I got to 5 km at around 27:30.  I was feeling great and then the heat set in.  The 6 and 7 km point was a struggle for me but once I hit 8 km I knew I had to push it those last 2 km.  I really wish I had turned on my RunKeeper so I could have checked my pace afterwards – ah well, you live and you learn!

The crowd and volunteers were great, cheering you on the whole time.  It was fabulous!  I crossed the finish line just as the clock hit 58 minutes, 58:03 to be exact.  I finished 9th out of 12 women in my age group. Fun Run 10km.7

Real live action shot! Sprinting to the finish line :)

Real live action shot! Sprinting to the finish line 🙂

No, I didn’t hit my goal.  Was I disappointed? At first, yes.  I’m always too hard on myself – I can’t help it, that’s just my competitive nature.  But after talking to my running friends they made me realize that it was a really good finish for my first 10km.

All in all, it was a fabulous day.  I had amazing support from my family, friends (shout out to S. Dawson xo) and most importantly, my husband who is my biggest cheerleader, photographer, motivator and holder-of-stuff. I’m so lucky I had him with me that day.

So now what? Well like my friend warned me, I’m totally hooked! I’m considering a half marathon in September. Stay tuned!


  • Wayne May 14, 2015 at 8:51 am

    So Proud! You did an amazing job! xo

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    […] While I have grown to love like running, I still don’t consider myself a runner.  Over the years I have gradually increased my distance and pace just to see how far I could push myself.  Up until I decided to do this race, I had only been running twice a week.  One long run, anywhere from 10-14km and a short one mid-week or a few 20 minute treadmill runs at the gym before strength training.  These past two weeks I have added a few more runs to see if I can get my pace up.  I do have a goal in mind but I’m not going to share it just yet as I am really superstitious and fear that if I write it down it might not happen! I promise I’ll share it in my recap post. […]

  • Cris May 15, 2015 at 3:28 am

    Well done Myra! Congrats! 🙂


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