Keeping it Keto while on Vacation

Keto Travel TipsBon Voyage! We are heading off to sunny Florida for the next ten days – insert happy dance!! I’m hoping to stick to keto/low-carb foods while I’m away.  Luckily, we will be staying in a townhouse and cooking many of our own meals. I know there will definitely outings to restaurants and beverages but the key to staying on track, for me, is to plan, plan, plan!!  I want to especially be prepared for my snacks during the travel days.  It will be a long day for us, up very early for an 8+ hour travel - beachWhen traveling on a plane, you are allowed most foods as long as it is not a liquid or gel over 100 ml.  Things like soup, chili, apple sauce, yogurt are considered a liquid or gel.  I also do not pack items that require an ice pack as many airports consider them a liquid/gel even if frozen.  Some easy low-carb snacks to pack in your carry-on would be:

  • All-natural beef jerky
  • Almonds, macadamia or any low-carb nut
  • Pork rinds
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Whole avocado
  • Canned tuna
  • Low-carb protein bars such as Quest Bars
  • Celery sticks with almond butter
  • Low-carb fruit, such as blackberries or raspberries
  • Wax coated cheese, such as Baby-Bel

Now, I know what you’re thinking, the people on the plane are going to really dislike me if I bust open a can of tuna with a side of hard boiled eggs and pork rinds! Since we have a couple of stop-overs I would most likely consume those in the airport terminal, between flights – away from others.

Check out these links for additional information on what you can/cannot bring on the plane:

Traveling within Canada
Traveling within the United States

What to eat while on vacation?!

Like I said, we’ll be staying in a townhouse while we are there, so I plan on making most of my breakfasts.  I’ll stick to simple things like bacon, eggs and avocado or bulletproof coffee. Since we’ll have access to a grocery store I won’t be bringing too much with me in my suitcase besides stevia and protein powder.  If we are dining out, my go-to meals would be:

  • Large green salad with chicken or hard-boiled egg
  • Lettuce wrap burger with side salad
  • Grilled salmon, or steak with lots of veggies

It’s quite easy to eat low-carb at most restaurants and fast food joints. It’s best to avoid Italian, Mexican and Chinese as there are very few low-carb items to choose from.

Always ask for no bun, potatoes, rice, noodles or fries and ask to sub extra veggies for those starchy sides. Choose grilled meats over battered and breaded.  Avoid sugary sauces like ketchup, BBQ sauce and sweet & sour sauce.

There you have it! Do you have any keto travel tips to share?

Since we’ll be out of the country for the next 10 days, I won’t be blogging during this time.
I will be posting vacation pics to my Instagram if you want to follow me!
I’ll see you all again mid-January 🙂


  • Annmarie January 6, 2015 at 9:23 am

    Mmmm almonds, avocados and eggs are my kinda snacks! 🙂

  • Terri June 22, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Taco salads with no fried tortilla shell and no beans, extra guac, sour cream and cheese always works at Mexican restaurants.


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