New Recipes featured in Wellness Media Magazine

Hi all! I am back from a fabulous 10 days of visiting with both my parents and my in-laws on the east coast. I was also honoured to attend the wedding of my long-time friend. It was a wonderful trip and although I had made up some posts for while I was away, I’m glad to be back in the saddle and doing regular blog posts for you guys!Wellness MediaWhile I was away I had two recipes featured in Wellness Media Magazine.  You can purchase the online magazine at the Apple Store.  It is currently only available for the iPad and iPhone. Click here to buy the full magazine for only $4.99 or a year subscription (12 issues) for $39.99.

This is the back-to-school issue and it’s jam-packed full of healthy recipes and articles. I have posted screenshots of my recipes below…

Tex-Mex Stuffed Sweet PotatoesTex Mex Stuffed Sweet PotatoVegan Lemon “Cheese”cakeVegan Lemon CheesecakeBe sure to check out Wellness Media’s website for more fabulous healthy living articles and recipes.

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