Planting our very first garden!

Every since we bought our house a few years ago I’ve been wanting a garden.  Well this year we finally are doing it! I thought I’d give you a little update on the process so far.

Growing up, my parents had backyard gardens, but this is the first time I’m officially growing my very own garden.  I learned quite a lot from asking around to some garden pros and also from this very popular book by Mel Bartholomew called  Square Foot Gardening. I highly recommend it for first time gardeners.20140511_212105Since it’s our first time we’re starting small.  We purchased some untreated wood for about $25 and my husband built an 8′ x 4′ x 8″ garden bed.  We then lined the bottom with landscape fabric to stop the weeds.

Now it was time for soil.  We figured out our garden bed was 21 cubic feet.  So it was off to the greenhouse.  We bought 7 cu ft of mushroom manure (recommended by the owner), 7 cu ft of soil, 4 cu ft of perlite and 3 cu ft of peat moss.  Needless to say, it filled our car trunk and backseat to the brim!  We got home, unloaded all the bags, laid down a tarp and started mixing – it was quite the workout!  20140511_142838 20140511_144358 We filled the garden bed with some to spare, so I’ll use the leftover to do some flower pots.20140511_151303What will we plant?! I got my seeds from a local farm called Earthy Organics. They’re heritage organic seeds. seeds Essentially if you harvest the seeds every year you’ll never have to buy seeds again!  I’m not quite sure how to do this, but hopefully I figure it out by the end of the season.

I bought quite a few leafy greens, mostly because they’re easy to grow and I love salad!  I got spinach, dinosaur kale, rainbow chard, red planet salad mix and freckle lettuce.  We’re also planting beets, radishes, carrots, bush beans, peppers, cilantro and some flowers like marigolds to help keep pests away.

There you have it!  I didn’t get a chance to plant the seeds, but they will go in next weekend for sure.  Now, let’s pray to the earthy gods and hope that I can grow something.

Happy gardening!

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