Juice Pulp Carrot Muffins from Healthful Pursuit

Who hates wasting all that fabulous leftover pulp from juicing?! I do, I do! I’ve been searching for a tasty muffin recipe that uses juice pulp and I came across this one from Healthful Pursuit.  These were so delicious! They require the pulp from 4 large carrots, 2 apples and a 1-2″ size piece of ginger.  This makes an amazing juice so what better way to spend a Saturday morning than to make a fresh juice and whip up a batch of these tasty muffins. They are also gluten-free and dairy-free.Juice Pulp Carrot Spice Muffins

Head on over to Leanne’s website for the full recipe.  The only change I made was instead of making 24 mini-muffins I made 12 regular size muffins.  I also added about 1/4 cup of the fresh juice because the batter was quite thick, which she does say, but I didn’t want them to be too dry 🙂 Also, don’t skimp on the spices, it really enhances the flavor!Juice Pulp Carrot MuffinsNutritional Info per muffin (when making 12 muffins)
192 Calories, 18g Carbs, 12g Fat, 4g Protein, 283mg Sodium, 7g Sugar

Please Note:  Nutritional info is gathered from MyFitnessPal and may not always be 100% accurate.  It is meant to be used as a reference only.


  • Espirational May 7, 2014 at 8:02 am

    Bob loves carrot juice and I like to add the pulp to muffins or cookies too.

  • April Murray May 7, 2014 at 10:27 am

    You’re making me hungry!! Can’t wait to see more recipes, glad I found your blog 🙂
    -April from The Thin Kitchen


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