Yup, hell has officially frozen over because I was out swinging golf clubs on the weekend…and I must confess, I loved it!!

Yea, I totally know what I'm doing!

Yea, I totally know what I’m doing!

The hubbs...aka pro

The hubbs…aka pro

Working my way up to playing the course!

Working my way up to playing the course!

Let’s back up a bit here. I never really had the desire to learn to golf, it seemed like a boring old man sport (sorry Dad!) Where was the fun? Where was the extreme side to it? Oh wait, there’s a beer cart?! OK, I guess I could give it a go.

Kid Rock has the right idea!

Kid Rock has the right idea!

My eager husband got me a really great set of starter clubs and thought it would be “fun” for me to golf with him.  I really don’t think he knew what he was getting into.  Me?!? Golf?!? I have zero patience and thought this could either go really good or really bad, really fast!  My experience with golf consisted of playing only a couple times. Once was with my Dad who told me I could drive the ball better than my brothers.  I don’t know if he was just being nice, but I kept that in the back of my head.  Well it turns out he wasn’t so wrong!  Not to brag or anything – heck yeah, I’m totally going to brag – but by the end of our driving range session I was hitting the ball 150 yards and pretty straight – some of the time!  It’s a pretty good feeling when you actually make contact, hear that “crack” and just know it’s going to be a good shot.  I was hooked.

Besides thinking it was a boring old man sport, there were a couple other reasons I had not given golf a chance, and if you’re thinking the same things it’s time to reconsider…

1.  You call this a workout? golf2I’m assuming if you use the cart every single time, you’re not maximizing your workout.  But walking the entire course and playing a full round would burn a ton of calories!  I’ll wear my HRM next time and report back.  In just over an hour of hitting balls at the driving range I burned 180 calories. Not too shabby!  My forearms were killing me the next day. Clearly a muscle I don’t often workout!

2. The horrid outfits. golf3I mean, there is really not much out there in the world of women’s golf apparel…  golf pants golf apparelThose pants, capris and shorts….not gonna happen.  Not to mention how expensive they are.  I’m going to be on the hunt for some cute affordable outfits!  If anyone knows a good place to find some, let me know 🙂

Despite all those things, I really liked golf and look forward to playing this summer, so move over Tiger!

Do you guys like to golf? Any tips for this newbie?golf


  • Anonymous April 6, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    So excited you are golfing! Can’t wait to go on the course with you both this Summer.


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