What’s in my lunchbox?!

It’s Friday y’all!! Whoooooo!  Time for another peek inside my lunch box…

Morning Snack: Mixed berries and Greek yogurt – I normally just have plain but these pineapple ones were on sale 🙂lunchbox2Lunch: Chicken, asparagus and mashed butternut squash. I just season the chicken with Mrs. Dash and bake in the oven (can’t wait for BBQ season!)  Asparagus was cooked in the frying pan with a bit of coconut oil and seasoning.  Butternut squash was baked in the oven, then scooped out and mashed with some coconut oil and a bit of cinnamon – yum!lunchbox3Afternoon Snack: Strawberry Banana Protein Muffin (you can find the recipe here I just did muffins instead of bars) and 15 almonds.lunchboxDon’t forget to drink your water!

Have a great weekend everyone…it’s also time to spring ahead this weekend, my favourite time of the year.  Summer is officially around the corner!:)

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