Keeping things spicy!

Clean eating does not have to boring! I manage to keep things tasting yummy by using different spices. There are literally a bazillion ways to spice things up in your recipes.  I don’t want to hear that your veggies are bland or the only way you eat your chicken is boiled. Nonsense! Check out my pantry must-haves and see how easy it is to spice up your food!spicyMy must haves in the spice cupboard are:

Mrs. Dash – all the flavours! These are so good to add to chicken or other meats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, veggies. They have no sodium and tons of flavour.
Garlic powder – I add garlic to almost everything! I use a lot of fresh garlic, but I also use the powder for a less intense taste.
Onion powder – I add this to a lot of burger recipes and potatoes/sweet potatoes
Chili powder – again, great for burgers and potatoes/sweet potatoes
Mustard powder – I use this in burger recipes and salad dressings
Italian spices – rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme. Great for soups, tomato sauces, roast potatoes and roast turkey if you don’t have fresh herbs on hand.
Allspice – great to add to pumpkin pie, apple crisp; add to BBQ sauce or sprinkle on roast veggies
Cloves – I use this in desserts like pumpkin pie and apple crisp, sometimes a pinch in oatmeal
Cumin – must have in my veggie burgers, great on sweet potatoes too
Paprika – love this on sweet potatoes, in egg salad
Cinnamon – who doesn’t love cinnamon?! add to desserts, smoothies, even on sweet potatoes
Nutritional yeast – adds cheesy flavour to foods
Himalayan salt – less processed than white table salt
Fresh cracked pepper – this gets added to everything!

My must have fresh herbs are:
Basil – check out my little plant! I just chop off the leaves and freeze them to use when I need them
Cilantro – I use this in salsa and Mexican dishes like tacos
Parsley – great for roast potatoes, chicken, soups
Mint – smoothies, blended drinks
Dill – salad dressing, dip, bean saladsphoto 2(30)I buy the fresh herbs in the grocery store, wash them, spin dry and simply freeze them in ziplock baggies.  I break off a bit when I need it. The herbs never really freeze solid and they thaw quite fast. I promise you’ll never waste fresh herbs again!

Not only are these herbs good for adding flavour, they are also healing. Check out this article: The 15 Most Powerful Herbs in Your Kitchen.

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