Healthy Snacks for a 12 Hour Travel Day

I honestly feel this is my experience every time I fly!

I thought I’d share my tips on how to prepare for traveling (either by plane or car) and what snacks I bring. I normally have a very regular eating schedule, anytime I travel I get all out of whack and there is definitely the potential for me to get HANGRY. No one wants to see this, no one!  I prepare a few days in advance by making protein bars and stocking up on nuts and easy to travel fruit like apples and oranges. I pretty much fill my carry-on with food. You’d be surprised with what you can take on the plane. I’ve seen people bring full on chicken dinners. As long as you are under 100ml of liquid you are good to go! (so, no gravy) I like to bring food that does not need to be kept cold though, like this…photo 4(9)Yes, I realize there’s enough food to feed a small army – hey, you never know when a zombie apocalypse may hit and you need to squirrel away that last granola bar while hiding out under a stairwell for 3 days.

  • I make a batch of Jamie Eason’s Pumpkin Protein Bars (she also has a chocolate recipe which is pretty awesome), cut into bars and wrap them in cellophane which makes them easy to pack in your carry-on. I also took a couple of carrot muffins from yesterday’s post.
  • I fill a ziplock bag with a mix of almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, cashews and/or pistachios
  • This is the best snack by far! Grab a heat resistant container with a lid, add about 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal, raisins or dried fruit, a half scoop of protein powder, PB2 or chopped nuts.  When they come around asking if you you want a mini bag of Bits & Bites or some stale cookies you can simply ask for a cup of boiling hot water, add it to your oatmeal, let it sit for about 15 minutes and voila! A healthy, filling snack for the plane.
  • Pack easy to store fruit such as apples and oranges – no soft or messy fruit like bananas, peaches, plums or pears!
  • I also always buy an over-priced giant water when I’m on the “other side” because everyone knows on the plane they just give you a mini-cup which I guzzle in 10 seconds and by the time I want more they are 30 rows behind me.

When I actually need to buy food in the airport for a meal I always opt for a salad with chicken, fresh fruit and yogurt or soup.  It’s so easy to just grab a slice of pizza or fast food, but trust me, sitting on a plane or in a car for multiple hours with that junk brewing in your guts can never end good. You remember how not private those airplane bathrooms are – you don’t want to be THAT person!

Here are some other must-haves:

  • Hand sanitizer – must keep them germie germs off me!
  • Neck pillow – zzzzzz
  • iPad – must have movies, not the crappy movies that the plane has either. I rent a few the day before so they are downloaded and ready to go!
  • iPod – must have tunes
  • Magazine or good book – must have good reads
  • Rescue Remedy – ever since the Flight from Hell of ’08 I’ve been a nervous flyer so a few sprays of this on the tongue really helps (FYI also works for pre-wedding stress!!)
  • Gum – helps with the ear poppin’

Now since I don’t expect people to stock their cupboards with special food just for me (I mean, I know I’m great, but not that great!) I bring along my supplements so I can stay on top of my eats when I am on vacation. I make sure to pack the following:

  • pHresh green powder – gotta get those veggies in me between the beer and wine!
  • Protein powder – for the days that I actually plan on working out
  • Krakus coffee substitute – since I’m not sure if I can buy this down there it’s just easier to take with me. And all I need is hot water and voila, instant all natural coffee substitute!
  • Stevia – to put in my Krakus 🙂
  • Vitamins – I bring a multi-viatmin and fish oil supplement

Well there you have it! Hopefully this helps you the next time you travel. The key to success is prep, prep, prep! Safe journeys 🙂


  • serif and spice July 1, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Thanks for the great list! I’ll be traveling for a week at the end of August and will be stocking up on gf snacks to bring along with me. It’ll be the first time of extended traveling since going gf, so it will be interesting. Best to be prepared!


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