Moustache Bash!

This weekend we celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday by having a Moustache Bash! It was a blast and I wanted to share a few pictures and recipes with you.

The day didn’t start off so great when we woke up to snow!!! Urrghh….out of all the days! But it ended up being nice by the afternoon. Definitely not sunny BBQ weather, but at least it wasn’t snowing or raining!


Poor sad, snow covered BBQ 🙁

We had about 16 people over for a BBQ, some bevvies and of course – CAKE!  I won’t lie, there are some goodies in here that are most definitely NOT gluten or dairy free…but hey, it’s his birthday I have to give him a free pass, right?!  I got a couple recipes from Pinterest, I pasted the links below, and the rest I’ll share with you this week!

Here’s a run-down of the food list:

Beef Burgers
Turkey Burgers
Bean Burgers – stay tuned for the recipe!
Turkey Sausages

Roasted Potatoes
Roast Yams

Green Salad
Pasta Salad – I use the recipe on the back of the Club House pasta salad mix – but shhh, it’s a secret!
Black Bean Salad

Veggies, Crackers & Hummus
Moustache Sugar cookies (Gluten-Free)
No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake – Wayne’s favourite, his Mom’s recipe, I’ll have to ask her permission to share it 😉

So, what exactly happens at a Moustache Bash!? Well…..

We wear moustaches…duh
photo 2(7)
We make our dog wear moustache outfits…
We make babies wear moustache pacifiers…
We play moustache games…
photo 1(5)
We win moustache prizes…

Those suspenders are the prize (along with a moustache comb) worn 90s style, one strap up!

Those suspenders are the prize (along with a moustache comb) worn 90s style, one strap up!

We eat moustache foods….
We do a few lots of moustache shots…

Ice mold shot glasses!

Ice mold shot glasses!

And we eat cake!
All in all, I think everyone had a fun time. My one tip to throwing a party is prep, prep, prep! Do as much as you can ahead of time and that way you’re not shackled to the kitchen and you can still hang out and chat with everyone. Kudos to Wayne who did an awesome job manning the grill (I know, I put him to work at his own birthday party!)
Let’s face it, I don’t often drink or eat this much…but it was all in good fun. And heck, you only turn 30 once!! OK, well I already had my 30th, but I’m allowed to celebrate again right?!?

Have you thrown/been to any themed parties lately??


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