Trader Joe’s…my new obsession

This weekend we headed down to Spokane, WA for a concert and some shopping! We only live about 10 minutes from the Washington border, about 1 hour to Colville (GIANT Wal-Mart) and about 2 hours to Spokane.  We usually head down to Spokane every couple months and Colville every few weeks to stock up on grocery items. First, I’ll say that we do shop local when we can but it really is hard to beat the prices in the States – so don’t hate on me!

Before we leave I make sure I have the most  important thing for a road trip (besides good tunes) – snacks!!! This helps me from buying chips or chocolate bars at the gas station when I get “hangry”.


Pumpkin protein bars, PB chocolate protein power balls, and almonds

After going down to Spokane for a few years now, for some crazy reason, this is my first trip ever to Trader Joe’s – what took me so long!?!?

We I had a great time here comparing prices and finding some great deals.  I bought a lot of “Trader Joe” brand products because they were a really good price. The awesome thing is we don’t pay duty on “food” items when we cross the border. All in all, I spent about $80 and came home with this (minus a few treats for the neighbours for dog sitting for us):


Here’s a run down of the items and prices:

Gluten Free All Purpose Flour – $3.99
Decaf Coffee – $7.49
Olive Oil 1 Litre – $5.49
Puffed Cinnamon Cereal – $3.99
Organic Dog Treats – $2.99
Organic Black Beans 15oz – $1.19 each
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – $5.99
Almond Breeze – $1.99 each
Salad Dressings – $2.29 each (yes, these are bottled salad dressings..but only a few ingredients!)
Organic Tomato Sauce – $2.29 each
Cowboy Caviar (bean and corn salsa) – $2.49
Organic Honey 24oz – $4.99
Organic Maple Syrup 8oz – $3.29
Liquid Stevia Extract 2oz – $6.99
Ezekiel wraps – not sure, it looks like they forgot to charge me for it!
Raw Almonds 1 lb – $4.99
Chocolate Chips 12 oz – $1.99
Organic Chocolate Bar – $1.99
Dairy-Free Mozza Shreds – $3.29

It was pretty busy when we were there, I did take some pictures but felt like I was constantly in the way!

Organic tomato sauce – Sorry it’s a bit blurry!


Non-dairy milk


Chocolate! Need I say more??


Olive Oils


Maple Syrup



All in all it was a great experience.  With their friendly staff and assortment of organic/dairy-free/gluten-free food; I can’t wait to go back! 

And because the hubbs was so patient we ended the day in his favourite store…


He looks at those guitars the way I look at organic dark chocolate

Have you been to Trader Joe’s? What are your favourite things??

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