Battle of the nut butters! Peanut Butter vs Almond Butter

pb vs almondI had a good question the other day…which is better, all natural peanut butter or all natural almond butter? How do you think they compare? Well I did a little digging so let’s take a look shall we!

In this corner, the favourite we all grew up on, the one with the peanut on top, the best after school snack – PB&J with the crusts cut off! He has since evolved to a more “natural” state….iiiiiit’s Peeeeaaaanut Buttter!

Aaaaand in this corner, the new kid on the block, the underdog, the “healthy nut” full of nutrients and healthy fats, making his way to a pantry near you….iiiiit’s Allllmond Buttter!

Ding. Ding.

Round 1 – Calories – TIE
Both nut butters contain about 190-200 calories for two tablespoons.

Round 2 – Fat – TIE
Both contain about the same amount of fat, 16-17g for two tablespoons. Mostly unsaturated fat, but peanut butter has about 2g of saturated fat and 1.5g for almond butter – so almond butter may win by a smidge. But don’t go overboard as this is a third of your daily fat allowance.

Round 3 – Carbs & Protein – TIE
Both contain almost the same amount of carbs, 6g and the same amount of protein, about 7-8g.

Round 4 – Fibre – Almond wins!
Almond butter contains about 4g of fibre, almost twice as much as peanut butter.

Round 5 – Micronutrients – Almond wins by a landslide!
Magnesium – With 90mg per two tablespoons, almond butter contains 82% more magnesium than peanut butter, which is essential for bone building
Phosphorus – Good for cell repair, almond butter wins again with 163mg , 42% more phosphorus than PB
Potassium – Almond butter with the win contains 240mg, 15% more potassium than PB
Calcium – Almond butter has 110mg of calcium, that’s 692% more than PB!!!
Iron – Almond butter has 1.12mg, 86% more iron than its rival
Vitamin E – A whopping 169% more than PB, almond wins again with 7.75mg per serving!

And the winner is…ALMOND BUTTER!!!  It may be time for you to swap out ‘ol faithful PB with some almond butter. Give it a try, it is just as tasty…I promise!

What to look for: Just because it’s nut butter doesn’t make it healthy. Look for the least processed with the fewest ingredients. It should only say “almonds” maybe “salt” and that’s it! Look for organic as it generally has less sodium. Stay away from any added sugar or oil.

Did you know that peanuts aren’t actually nuts? They’re legumes and they’re related to peas, dry beans and lentils. If you’re following a paleo diet, peanuts are a legume and therefore not on the list – another reason to switch to almond butter!


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