No-Churn Chocolate Protein Ice Cream ~ Vegan

No-Churn Chocolate Protein Ice Cream - Vegan

Do you ever feel like you have too many kitchen appliances? Me neither.  For some reason though I have yet to invest in an ice cream maker.  Maybe it’s because I can’t seem to cough up the money for something … Continue reading

Raw Vegan Pad Thai


We are back from another fabulous trip back east visiting family.  I definitely let my diet slack a bit when I’m on vacation.  You only live once, you might as well enjoy it! I did manage to squeeze in a … Continue reading

Toasted Coconut Peanut Butter


I feel like I need to address the insane jump in price of raw almonds.  They cost more than cashews now! One friggin cup cost me about $7 or $3.49/100g.  What the heck!! I realize there’s a drought in California … Continue reading

Magic Bars ~ Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free


Sometimes you have something so decadent you wonder how you are going to survive the week without another bite!  Well that’s what happened to me (and the hubbs) a few weeks ago when we paid a visit to our favourite … Continue reading

Coconut Lime Popsicles ~ Keto, Vegan


Holy moly it is getting hot out there!!! We have hit well above 30°C temperatures and it’s technically not even summer yet.  Time to bust out the sunglasses, cold beverages and popsicles. What better way to cool down than with … Continue reading