Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup

Hold onto your touques, it’s that time of year again – PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! To be honest, I don’t mind. I love all things pumpkin.  A quick search on my blog will tell you so šŸ™‚ You know pumpkin season has arrived when Starbucks releases it’s PSL (that’s Pumpkin Spice Latte for you newbs).  It’s sweet and full of pumpkin flavour…

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Nuzest Chocolate PB Protein Fudge + GIVEAWAY

**GIVEAWAY BELOW** There are a few things that give me satisfaction in life: cutting into a perfect avocado, when you wake up early and realize it’s Saturday and finding a vegan protein powder that actually tastes good.  Most protein powders are filled with added junk and an ingredient list a mile long, or they have clean ingredients but are chalky…

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Pear Salad

Pear, Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad

What do you do when your awesome neighbours give you a giant bag of fresh pears from their pear tree? Make pear crumble! I mean, a healthy salad. (OK, full disclosure, I made the pear crumble first, then decided I should make a salad – it’s all about balance folks) Blue cheese and a tangy dressing goes perfectly with the…

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Hawaiian Chicken Kabob

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Ummmm…how is it September already!? I know we say the same thing every year, but WHERE DID SUMMER GO!?  Luckily for us the weather is still amazing and I am not about to slow down my BBQ season because September decided to show up. This recipe is perfect to keep your mind on the dog days of summer without thinking…

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Sweet Potato Protein Cookies 2

Sweet Potato Protein Cookies

Guys!! Today is mine and the hubbs 4th wedding anniversary! We are actually taking off to Cranbrook tomorrow to celebrate (if you wanna follow along on our adventures be sure to check out my Instagram & Snapchat).  Before we go I had to share the most delicious cookie recipe for you that are 100% husband approved. And no, he doesn’t…

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Chocolate Cherry Crumble 2

Chocolate Cherry Crumble ~ Gluten-Free

So how much of the Olympics have you been watching?! I can’t believe it’s over soon!  Our Canadian women are kicking some serious butt; it’s so amazing to watch. I’ve been loving the beach volleyball (mostly their incredible bodies!), gymnastics, swimming and track. Watching these amazing athletes compete I can’t help but wonder why my parents didn’t push me extra…

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Smoothie Bowl 2

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

I have a whole slew of smoothie recipes (you can check them out here!) but I am totally new to the world of smoothie bowls. Yes, BOWLS! I know it’s not new to most of you but in case you didn’t know, a smoothie bowl is basically like the big sister (or brother) to a regular smoothie.  It’s generally more…

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Bean fries 2

Baked Bean…Fries!

Yes, you read that right. Bean fries!  I should probably start off with the fact that our garden is producing an insane amount of beans.  So many in fact, that I am running out of ways to cook them and almost to the point where I am tired of eating them. But I grew up in a house where we…

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